(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) Pre-Inked Multi-Color Stamp. 15/16" x 2-3/4" N1027146

SKU: N1027146

Ebuy Numbers: 75108, 75109, 75110, 75111, 75112, 75113


* This products is available for purchase by USPS Activities on Ebuy at discounted prices.

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SKU: N1027146

Design your own signature stamp with the Postal Logo in Black or Blue. To Order Please send 3 signatures signed with a Black felt tip pen on unlined white paper Features Ships USPS

PLEASE NOTE: Products on www.postalproducts.com are available for purchase by USPS Activities only. Customers require a FINANCE NUMBER and FEDSTRIP. USPS customers use this as an eBuy reference with orders to be placed on http://ebuy2.usps.gov at discounted prices.


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescColor Color
75108(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLACK GREEN
75109(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLACK PURPLE
75110(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLACK RED
75111(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLUE GREEN
75112(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLUE PURPLE
75113(CUSTOM Signature Stamp) P ...BLUE RED

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