Retail Stamp Book. 15 page, clear vinyl pocket w/ Logo 10"x11-1/2" Blue N1026894

SKU: N1026894

Ebuy Numbers: 74104


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SKU: N1026894

Weight: 1.79 lbs

The Clear Pocket Stamp Book both stores and organizes stamps for Window Clerks. Each Stamp Book features 15 pages with vinyl pockets, 1" adhesive tabs, and screening on the front cover. Vinyl pockets are clear, displaying all contents of the pockets. Label the tabs according to the appropriate stamp denomination for each page. Extra tabs and inserts are included. Place adhesive tabs in the book specific to your needs.
  • 15 pages
  • Twenty-five 1" adhesive tabs
  • 10" wide x 11½" high
  • Ships USPS


Ebuy NumberEbuy Desc
74104Retail Stamp Book. 15 page ...

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