APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked Stamp 1/2" x1-11/16". Black Ink. N1021823

SKU: N1021823

Ebuy Numbers: 62857, 62858, 62803, 62859, 62860


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SKU: N1021823

These small counter stamps are perfect for any postal application. The stamps are pre-inked which means you do not have to mess around with any ink pads. Stamps imprint a clear and concise image. Ink color is red.


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescColor
62857APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked S ...BLACK
62858APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked S ...BLUE
62803APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked S ...Red
62859APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked S ...GREEN
62860APPROVED _____ Pre-Inked S ...PURPLE

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