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SKU: N1019804

Weight: 55 lbs

Conveyors are an after market addition which increases the productivity and versatility of the SPBS machine. Installing these conveyors on alternating chutes creates a "staggering" effect that allows for the use of Wiretainers, BMCs, Gaylords, etc. to be used as SPBS sweepside equipment. (Conveyor accommodates containers up to 42" in height. The tallest rolling stock is a wiretainer at 411/2"). The number of useable chutes can be maximized, while decreasing the amount of rejects due to tub or sack overflow. Jams due to inferior extension chutes are eliminated. Parcels 1/4 lb. and as small as 4" x 4" travel down the conveyor even at an 11 degree incline. The special design created by Postal Products and the USPS effortlessly changes the vector of travel for flawless parcel flow. A demo unit is available for installation and trial on any phase SPBS machine. Call the customer service line to register for the demo unit.

Details and Specifications
The Transfer Conveyors are installed on the upper stainless chute with large head rivets or bolts through an all aluminum face hinge. The aluminum conveyor body is supported by a telescoping bracket, which installs on the SPBS framework in minutes. End of conveyor elevation is determined by how far the telescoping bracket is extended out. The standard length conveyor is 60", unless the (OEM) stainless steel lower chute and tub stands are still in place, then the 71" conveyor should be installed (Conveyors are installed approximately 23/4" to 3" from the incline bend of the upper chute - add this to the overall length for any space calculations). The width starts at 211/4" and tapers down to 181/4" at the base. There are 137/163 transfer wheels on the 60"/71" conveyors respectively - each moving independently minimizing the energy and momentum required for a parcel or object to travel down the conveyor.


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