Mail Card, Collection Box Test Card. 10-1/2"x5-1/4" Azure. N1017310

SKU: N1017310

Ebuy Numbers: 32697, 32698, 32699, 32700, 32701, 32702


* This products is available for purchase by USPS Activities on Ebuy at discounted prices.

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SKU: N1017310

Use these handy Collection Box Test Cards to keep track of mail pickup. Route inspectors drop a color code card in a random collection box, and the Carrier must have the card upon return to the station. For greater color coding flexibility, there is a wide assortment of color options. For non-screened cards, see S1002318, S1002316, and N1002317.
  • Standard size: 5¼" x 10½"
  • Long-lasting silk screen
  • Manufactured from .035 gauge polyethylene
  • Single side imprint
  • Die-cut for accurate size consistency

Custom wording (with a 1,000 piece minimum order) and colors are available. Please call 1-800-229-4500 for pricing.

Item is not intended for the NOA Program. However, a special discount is applied.

USPS Activities order this item from the Topeka Material Distribution Center. Refer the Publication 247, Material Management Equipment and Supply Catalog for Item Numbers and Ordering Information.


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescColor
32697Mail Card, Collection Box ...AZURE
32698Mail Card, Collection Box ...DKBLUE
32699Mail Card, Collection Box ...DKGREN
32700Mail Card, Collection Box ...ORANGE
32701Mail Card, Collection Box ...RED
32702Mail Card, Collection Box ...YELLOW

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