SORTING, Replacement Vinyl Liners for Basket Trucks, 24 Bushel, Black N1015013

SKU: N1015013

Ebuy Numbers: 24485, 24486, 24487, 24488, 24489, 24490, 24491


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SKU: N1015013

Weight: 16 lbs

The vinyl replacement liners are quality-engineered for your basket trucks. Installation is simple! Remove and discard the old liner, and inspect the frame for damage (so new liner is not damaged after installation). Insert the new vinyl liner and lace on frame.
  • 24 bushel capacity
  • Blue, green, white, red, yellow, & grey colors
  • Lacing ropes
  • Ships USPS
  • Dimensions: 54"L x 34"W x 30"H


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescSize Color
24485SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL BLACK
24486SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL BLUE
24487SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL GREEN
24488SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL GREY
24489SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL RED
24490SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL WHITE
24491SORTING, Replacement Vinyl ...VINYL YELLOW

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