Mail Card. Information. "OTHER UBBM. ROUTE NO:___" Blue N1014631

SKU: N1014631

Ebuy Numbers: 39984, 39985, 39986, 39987, 39988, 39989


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SKU: N1014631

Tired of finding mail at the end of a shift that should have been sorted/delivered, but wasn't? Prioritize work with Other UBBM cards, currently used in Post Offices throughout the country.

1. Carrier signs out card with accountables.
2. Carrier deposits card with outgoing mail in the designated box at the scheduled time.
3. Collector pulls card from the mail and returns it to Accountable Clerk.
4. Supervisor verifies that all cards are returned.
  • Other UBBM card
  • Size: 10½"W x 5¼"H
  • Black imprint
  • .035 polyethylene
  • In Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue & Dark Green
  • Ships USPS

Custom decals are available with a 50 piece minimum order. Please contact us.


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescColor
39984Mail Card. Information. "O ...DKBLUE
39985Mail Card. Information. "O ...DKGREN
39986Mail Card. Information. "O ...LTBLUE
39987Mail Card. Information. "O ...ORANGE
39988Mail Card. Information. "O ...RED
39989Mail Card. Information. "O ...YELLOW

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