Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" White letters on Black Plate. Black Frame. N1005401

SKU: N1005401

Ebuy Numbers: 65407, 43401, 43402, 43404, 43405, 43403, 43412, 43413, 43409, 43410, 43411, 43406, 43407, 43408, 43425, 43426, 43421, 43423, 43424, 43418, 43419, 43420, 43415, 43416, 43417, 43414, 43422


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SKU: N1005401

This well-designed, quality Desk Sign is the epitome of professionalism. Place nameplates at employee stations to provide a sense of personalization. The portable plates can easily slide out of the aluminum holders and be moved to new holders, if necessary. Choose from Helvetica, Roman, and Script font styles -- engraved in all capital letters.
  • Size: 8" wide x 2" high
  • Black colored aluminum holder
  • Engraved USPS logo is an additional $1.50

Counter Signs are authorized for USPS Lobbies. Reference USPS National Signage Program. Products featuring the U.S. Postal Service logo comply with Graphic Guidelines.


Ebuy NumberEbuy DescSize Color
65407Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE BLKWHT
43401Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE BLUWHT
43402CUSTOM Name Plate 1-line. ...1 LINE CUSTOM
43404Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE SILBLK
43405Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE WGRBLK
43403Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE GLDBLK
43412Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE GLDBLK
43413Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE SILBLK
43409Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE BLKWHT
43410Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE BLUWHT
43411CUSTOM Name Plate 2-line. ...2 LINE CUSTOM
43406Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE WGRWHT
43407Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE WHTBLK
43408Name Plate. 1-line. 2"x8" ...1 LINE WHTBLU
43425Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE WHTBLK
43426Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE WHTBLU
43421Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE GLDBLK
43423Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE WGRBLK
43424Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE WGRWHT
43418Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE BLKWHT
43419Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE BLUWHT
43420CUSTOM Name Plate 3-line. ...3 LINE CUSTOM
43415Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE WGRWHT
43416Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE WHTBLK
43417Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE WHTBLU
43414Name Plate. 2-line. 2"x8" ...2 LINE WGRBLK
43422Name Plate. 3-line. 2"x8" ...3 LINE SILBLK

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