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Seasonal Products

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Knit Fingerless Gloves with Hood LLV Winter Gloves, Knit Fingerless with Hood, Large, N1021973 $12.75
Yaktrax Shoe Traction For Shoes/Boots Yaktrax. Icewalker. Carrier Winter Accessory. Large. Black. N1021887. $15.00
Yaktrax Pro: Shoe and Boot Accessory Yaktrax Pro. Icewalker. Carrier Winter Accessory. Large. Black. N1024854. $20.00
Sure Grip Gloves with USPS logo Gloves. Sure-Grip Blue with Logo. Delivery Accessory. Large, S1001159 $8.24
Hand Warmers Hand Warmer. Carrier Winter Accessory. For Hands/Feet. Lasts 5+ hours. S1000176 $1.97
Toe Warmers Toe Warmer. Carrier Winter Accessory. For Hands/Feet. Lasts 10+ hours. S1000177 $2.40
Cooling Bandana Cooling Bandanna. Mail Carrier Summer Delivery Accessory. Navy Blue. N1021885. $7.95
USPS Black Work Gloves USPS Black Work Gloves N1001157 $15.00
Bottle Clip for Route Carrier Bottle Belt Clips for Rural Route Carrier Delivery N1022424 $3.50
Disposable Poncho Raincoats/Jackets, Disposable, Carrier Delivery, N1023738 $6.50
Case of 24 Disposable Ponchos Raincoats/Jackets, Disposable, Case, 24 Pcs, Carrier Delivery N1023739 $52.00
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Sanitizers/Wipes Antibacterial, 8 Oz Bottles, 12 Bottles per Case N1022468 $36.56
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Box Sanitizers/Wipes Dispenser Boxes Antibacterial, 25 Pouches/Case N1022765 $39.89
SPF 30 Sunscreen: 2 oz. Bottles (24/case) SUN SCREEN BOTTLES, SPF 30 SUN BLOCK, Case of 24 one ounce bottles, N1021888 $78.00
Sunscreen Dispensor SUN SCREEN DISPENSERS, 750 ML PROTECTION, N1021889 $79.00
Sunscreen Dispenser Refills REFILLS FOR SUN SCREEN DISPENSER, 750 ML PROTECTION, N1021890 $40.00
Insect StingEze INSECT STINGEZE, FIRST AID, N1013799 $4.00
Sting Extracator STING EXTRACTOR, FIRST AID, N1013800 $17.37
Repel Insect Repellent INSECT REPELLENTS, FIRST AID, N1013801 $6.00
Poison Oak & Ivy cleanse-away POISON IVY/OAK CLEANSERS, FIRST AID, N1013802 $14.38

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