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LLV Window Shield

Product Details

Product Number: N1028427
Weight: 15 lbs

Product Description

Keep dry and warm while still having easy access to deliver mail with the LLV Window Shield. The LLV Window Shield is easy and fast to install with no hardware needed; the window and door remain 100 percent functional. Mail carriers are kept dry while delivering mail in cold and wet weather conditions, keeping heat inside the vehicle. Shield covers 72% of the original LLV window space and access opening of 230 square inches. LLV Window Shield includes a carrying case that is easy to store behind LLV seat or anywhere else in the vehicle.

  • Keeps cold, wet weather out and heat in while also keeping carriers dry
  • 1 minute carrier install; no tools or mechanic required
  • 72% window coverage
  • Window and door locks remain fully functional
  • Ships USPS

EBuy2 # Model Description
83157 N1028427 LLV Window Shield
Off Catalog N1028427-B LLV Window Shield-Replacement Bag
Off Catalog N1028427-C LLV Window Shield-Replacement Clips (Set of 3)

Ebuy Number
LLV Window Shield

Price: $87.00