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Sculch Tray for Undelivered Mail. 5-compartment cardboard tray. N1027293

Product Details

Product Number: N1027293
Weight: 1.2 lbs

Product Description

TYPE: SCULCH TRAY. Portable Sculch Tray for LLV. COMPARTMENTS: 5. Carriers, sort Undelivered DPS mail on your route and save valuable station time! Carry the sorted mail right into the station. This corrugated portable Sculch Tray contains fpur angled dividers separating four compartments. Each 4" wide compartment holds DPS bundle break cards. Load them backwards to keep in numerical order. 2" wide compartment holds Carrier route CFS/Holdouts, forwardable mail, mail on hold, etc. 2" wide compartment holds DPS errors, mis-sequenced, sorted or sent mail. 3" wide compartment holds accountable mail, return receipt mail and certified mail. Sits perfectly in the front dash area of an LLV. Manufactured from Postal sized metered Mail Trays. ACCESSORIES: 51883, 62018 Sculch Tray Holders. 32002 Sorting Apron. SHIPPING: USPS.

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5 Compartment Sculch Tray

Price: $6.06