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Three Sided Mail Cage w/ 8ft Walls and Ceiling N1027116

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Product Number: N1027116
Weight: 754 lbs

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Security is now more of a focus at the United States Postal Service. Accountable Mail Cages are installed in Plants and Processing Centers across the nation to guard against theft. Twelve standard cages are offered each designed to accommodate specific needs. Metal mesh partitions are durable and easy to install. Features Top rail, wall clips, floor sockets, and connecting hardware included Cast aluminum floor sockets Sliding door and service window Dark Grey finish Two, three, and four-sided rooms With or without ceiling Anchoring screws for floor sockets, walls, and ceilings are job specific and therefore not included (installer supplied). Ceilings are available on some units for rooms that do not meet and existing ceiling or where security (due to removable ceiling tiles) may be an issue.

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Three Sided Cage w/ 8ft Walls and Ceiling

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