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LLV Jig-Saw Weights, Interlocking Weights. Set (Corner, Side, Inside). N1026940

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Product Number: N1026940
Weight: 40 lbs

Product Description

For better traction on mud, snow, and ice, the LLV interlocking jig-saw weights are the innovative, practical, and sensible solution for adding weight to prevent skidding. This complete jig-saw weight set adds substantial, well distributed weight to the back of postal vehicles.The jig-saw pieces can be easily arranged and are textured to resist sliding. If you find yourself on a particularly icy patch, pop a plug and pour sand on the ice for added traction! This complete set contains a total of 20 pieces -- 10 side pieces, 4 corner pieces and 6 inside pieces made of durable, hollow polythylene casings that can easily be filled with sand, sold separately. Each piece weighs 18 lbs. when filled. Ships USPS.

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Complete Set of LLV Interlocking Jig-Saw  Weights

Price: $210.00