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Front Guide Mirror Covers for Long Life Delivery Vehicles (LLV) N1026915

Product Details

Product Number: N1026915
Weight: 1.31 lbs

Product Description

LLV windshield and mirror covers keep ice and snow from forming or sticking to windshield and mirrors, so Letter Carriers don't have to scrape or brush windows and mirrors clean. The postal vehicle front guide mirror cover can be attached by simply sliding them over the corresponding mirror. These covers are an excellent option for LLVs that are parked outside overnight! Each cover is specifically designed for LLVs, constructed of durable Marine Vinyl and allows for an easy, one-person installation. Includes two small front guide mirror covers. Ships USPS.

EBuy2 # Model Description
59918 N1023658 LLV Windshield and Mirror Covers-Kit (Includes all of the below)
74360 N1026847 Windshield Cover (One Piece)
74361 N1026848 Small Side Mirror Covers (Pack of 2)
74362 N1026849 Large Side Mirror Covers (Pack of 2)
74363 N1026915 Guide Mirror Covers (Pack of 2)
Off Catalog 80004 Storage Bag for Kit (One Piece)

Ebuy Number
Guide Mirror Covers (Pack of 2)

Price: $12.76