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Heavy Duty Sweat Sleeve, Carrier Summer Delivery (Sold individually)

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Product Number: N1025158

Product Description

This heavy-duty 14" Sweat Sleeve acts as a barrier between the Letter Carrier's forearm and the mail. Instead of sweat and moisture from the arm soaking into the mail, the forearm delivery sleeve absorbs it. The mail stays dry, and the Carrier's arm remains ink and cut free!

Black, lightweight, 100% Aramax single-ply semless machine knit sleeves provide the cut protection of a two-ply sleeve in the comfort-enhancing construction of a single ply and is the ideal solution for any application.

It is a unique, engineered blend of high performance polyethylene (HPPE), fiberglass, and synthetic fibers that deliver unflinching cut and abrasion resistance, comfort, and durability.

Specially engineered to wick away moisture and to allow more air transfer. They stay cooler and breathe easier to provide superior comfort.

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Heavy Duty Forearm Delivery Sleeves (Sold individually)

Price: $5.85