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Carrier Case Vacuum Attachment. Standard 7"L Fingers, Plastic. N1015493

Product Details

Product Number: N1015493
Weight: 3 lbs

Product Description

These convenient vacuum attachments are ideal for cleaning between carrier cases dividers, even the larger ones! Don't remove the dividers or struggle cleaning one slot at a time -- take advantage of this Carrier Case vacuum attachment's innovative design.

Eight finger-like vacuum tubes each measure 7" long and allow you to clean 8 spaces in one pass, saving your valuable time. The carrier case attachment fits any vacuum hose with a 1" diameter, including most shop vacuums and the HEPA Vacuum.

These are not conductive attachments. If you are using these attachments with the N1022989, N1022992, or N1022637 vacuums, you must order a 1" Hose Cuff, Universal Adapter (1" to 1"), or Primary Wand.

Outlet dimensions: 1" ID, 1" OD.

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Carrier Case Vacuum Attachment

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