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Rolling Stock Components

Images Products # Description Price
Replacement Wheels for 1046P Cart Wheel. Replacement Part, 1046P Hamper. Wheel, 4" Dia x 1-1/4" Thick. N1018477 $6.00
Replacement Casters for 1046P Cart - Swivel MAILROOM, SORTING, 4x1.25 Large Plate for 1046P Mail Carts;Swivel S1018579A $13.50
Replacement Casters for 1046P Cart - Rigid MAILROOM, SORTING, 4x1.25 Large Plate for 1046P MAIL CARTS; Rigid S1018578A $14.68
USPS Towable 1046 Frame MAILROOM, SORTING, USPS Towable 1046 Frame S1018576 $80.00
1046P Commercial Frame MAILROOM, SORTING, Commercial Version Frame, 1046P S1018577 $70.00
1046P Lower Bungee 1046P CartLower Bungee Cords, Mail Processing Accessory N1019977 $11.00
1046P Retaining Wires (Set of 10) MAILROOM, SORTING, Wires For 1046P (Set of 10) N1018375 $9.50
1046P Replacement Web Webbing. Replacement Part, 1046P Hamper. Replacement Web. Nyon. N1018374 $15.00
1046P Half Cover MAILROOM, SORTING, 1046P Caret Nylon Top Cover/Cap, Custom Color N1018626 $28.00
1046P Full Cover MAILROOM, SORTING, 1046P Cart Half Cover Cap, Custom N1018627 $36.00
" ABS Lower Deck for 1046P MAILROOM, SORTING, 1/4" ABS Lower Deck, 23 7/8" x 35 7/8", BLACK N1018628 $39.00
" ABS Upper Deck for 1046P Upper Deck. Replacement Part, 1046P Mail Hamper 27-1/4"x44-1/4" Plastic N1017259 $39.00
1046 Platform Restraint Cords (Set of 4) SORTING, 1046 Mail Hamper Platform Restraint Cord (NON ELASTIC) 4/set N1019763 $18.00
Suspended Liner for Spurs SORTING, Suspended Liner For Spurs, fits over 1046 Mail Hamper Frames N1019801 $90.00
Replacement Platform Hardware (per 4 components) Platform Kit Hardware. Replacement Part, 1046 Mail Hamper. N1017267 $2.70
1046 Replacement Casters - Rigid Caster. Replacement Part, 1046 Hamper. Rigid. 4" Dia x 1-1/4" Thick. N1018649 $12.56
1046 Replacement Casters - Swivel Caster. Replacement Part, 1046 Hamper. Swivel. 4" Dia x 1-1/4" Thick. N1018650 $18.84
1033 Replacement Casters - Rigid MAILROOM, SORTING, CASTERS 3" RIGID CASTERS FOR 1033 MAIL HAMPERS N1019726 $4.64
1033 Replacement Casters - Swivel MAILROOM, SORTING, CASTERS 3" SWIVEL CASTERS, FOR 1033 MAIL HAMPERS N1019727 $6.73
1046 Hamper Frame Repair Brace (100/case) MAILROOM, SORTING, 1046 HAMPER FRAME REPAIR BRACE, 100/CASE S1019738 $45.56

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